Without Vision and a Plan to Act our dreams and goals are often times deferred and never achieved. As your Coach, I am dedicated to upholding the vision and goals you have for YOUR life. I am committed to supporting you by exposing you to the highest and greatest expression of your untapped potential! Together, your personalized vision will be crafted utilizing my Three Core Coaching Principles:


EXPLORE:  Discover your untapped potential and unveil opportunities that lie dormant and suppressed within – as you navigate life challenges, obstacles and every day routines.

INSPIRE: Ignite your innermost passions and purpose in such a way that you began to walk in destiny, produce tangible results, and make YOUR own visions a Reality!


EMPOWER:  Equip you with strategic tools and resources and an action plan, with measurable steps, that will help you to craft YOUR own personalized blueprint for Your Future Success! 

Most people have personal or professional goals that they aspire to accomplish in life.  But oftentimes we unintentionally self sabotage ourselves our own success because we lack clarity, motivation, don’t have an action plan or accountability to help us reach our life’s goals. 


As a Certified Life and Neuroscience Performance Coach, who's worked with many Innovative Leaders, Business Professionals and Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Jamal is a master at helping goal-oriented visionaries get unstuck, overcoming hidden limiting beliefs that may be holding you back and helping you find clarity so that you have a clear action plan moving forward.


So what are some of the benefits of having a Coach?

-Learn how to use Neuroscience based strategies for shifting your mindset for the next level of success.  

-Through Neuroscience you will learn the "brain science" on how to create lasting positive change.

-Learn how to develop new positive habits and overcome your own limiting beliefs.

-Increase in your daily productivity through learning how to utilize Flow-States of the conscious mind.  

-Find your internal motivation and inspiration to get hard tasks done.

-Improve your self-confidence, Awareness and deeper understanding of Self Care.

-Learn how to create and attract more prosperity in your life. 

-Work-Life balance, learn how to get ahead without burning yourself out.

-Find clarity and direction in your Career.

-Increase your personal self-confidence, self-awareness and professional Leadership Skills. 



Everyone desires to be successful in some aspect of their lives, but not everyone has been given the blueprint on how to get there. Through life coaching with Jamal Vallair at VisionCrafters – Learn how to mastermind your own blueprint to YOUR future success. Unlock your untapped potential TODAY!

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