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As a Certified Neuroscience Performance Coach, 19  year military veteran & transformational speaker. It is my passion to inspire and empower Executives, Entrepreneurs and Purpose Driven Companies into taking action in their personal and professional growth. Jamal has developed a genius way in cultivating an engaging experience that is inspirational, educational and transforming for creative minds & visionaries to pursue their life's purpose and dreams. It is his belief , that your dreams are possible when you chose to become the CEO of your best life and learn how to get out of your own wayIf you're ready for a life-changing encounter, be prepared to immerse yourself in the VisionCrafters' experience. I look forward to engaging and supporting you as your champion for growth and change, today!

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My Zones Of  'Genius'.

 Mental Shifts:  Six Mindset Shifts For Transformational Living.

It's Time For An Upgrade : How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Burnout In Life And The Workplace. 

Emotional Intelligence :  The Secret Ingredients To Next-Level Leadership and Team Resilience.

Discovering Your Inner 'Genius' : How To Reprogram Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind For Self Mastery.

Neuroscience Shapes Our Lives : Understanding How To Train Your Brain For  Consistent Success. 

Winning Habits : Creating Winning Habits For Maximum Your Peak Performance.

Courage Over Fear : Living Your Passion and Purpose With Impact and Authenticity. 

ALSO... There is No Elevator to Success : Discovering Your Clues To Greatness!

Jamal Is Also Passionate About The Following Topics:

  • 💡 Leadership Development for Millennial (Generation Y) and (Generation Z) Zillenial Leaders.

  • 💡 Transitioning From Hustle Culture and Mindset to Flow.

  • 💡 Conscious Leadership and Servant Leadership principles

  • 💡 How To Optimize Stress Management Strategies.

  • 💡 How To Build Up Your Self Esteem, Self Confidence And Positive Self Image.

  • 💡 Creating and Maintaining, Work Life Harmony.

  • 💡 Overcoming Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs.

  • 💡 Bystander Intervention / Sexual Assault Prevention.

  • 💡 Mental Health and Self Care using Mindfulness Techniques.

  • 💡 Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training.

So what are you waiting for? Partner with me TODAY! Your transformative future awaits you!


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