Jamal Vallair is a trained Speaker, Certified in areas of Mindset, Neuroscience Performance and Life Coaching. It is his life’s mission to help Executives, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals explore and maximize their inner genius, create more fulfilling lives and help his clients transform their life goals into reality.

With over 16 years of U.S. Naval Aviation experience and organizational

leadership training, he utilizes his expertise gained to coach, empower high

achievers with transformational mindset shifts that improve teamwork and

productivity. Jamal’s arena of Genius is also in helping purpose driven leaders with

combating burnout, improving emotional intelligence and elevating his clients creativity to new levels of self-mastery. 



Jamal's further interests in the “brain science” of how the mind truly works and how to create life changing mental

shifts inspired his continued education to achieve certifications from the Optimind Neuroscience Institute, additionally becoming a coach specialized in neuro- brain health, neuro-spirituality and peak performance management.

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