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'Let's Do Business'

As one of the in-house coaches for AAE Corporation, trained and mentored by Amber Aziza - the internationally sought Seven Figure Business Coach - I specialize with helping visionaries maximize their potential through utilizing proven strategies to help those clients monetize opportunities hidden within their business obstacles.

I have two highly effective methods to help you create your blueprint for success.

First Option - Join my community and engage in a 1-year subscription introduced through the Make Your Worth Mastermind training & development services

Mastermind Coaching provides

Access to private business development community

Roadmap to self-paced business development modules taught by Amber Aziza

Co-Working 'power hour' and new 'Monthly : Mindest & Business Consulting' training with Jamal Vallair  and Evelyne Del Billingslea 

VCC HANDS BLUE_edited.jpg

Second Option - Join my 9-12 week group coaching services where we connect through my exclusive Zoom Conference group, Vision Crafters Universityengaging

in 'small group setting' development & cover self-mastery of  

stress management 

healthy professional & personal life habits

mindfulness practices...AND SO MUCH MORE!


Great! Looking forward to Connecting!

Start the transformation, today!

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